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Create a Q-item for anything.

The Open Miscellaneous Wikibase is a platform for assigning identifiers, in the form of Q-items, to any and all arbitrary concepts. This allows smaller use-cases to benefit from the Wikibase ecosystem without themselves needing a full Wikibase.

If an entity on this Wikibase has an equivalent on Wikidata, link them together using Property:P1.

Anyone can create properties. You are encouraged to use existing properties where possible, but you also have the option to have separate properties for maximum expressiveness.

Reasons to use this Wikibase

  1. You want to model Wikibase entities at a small scale
  2. You want to model Wikibase entities at a large scale and really can't be bothered to set up your own Wikibase
  3. You want an open data store for your tool or app so that the data can be used by other projects in case yours goes away


  1. Each entity created needs to coherently identify something. The person, place, thing, or idea identified does not have to be particularly interesting or notable in any way, but entities will be deleted if they are left empty or filled with complete nonsense.
  2. You may not use this service to harm others. The administrator of this wiki has discretion to delete entities or take other actions to protect the wiki's integrity.
  3. You can create entities about businesses, organizations, goods, and services, but they should simply describe the thing in question, in neutral non-promotional language.


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